Dr. Nancy Nguyen is Making Encinitas Families Smile!

General, Cosmetic, and Sedation Dentistry

Natural, Biocompatible, Biomimetic Dentist

Dr. Nancy Nguyen is committed to delivering personalized service and gentle, quality dental care to patients of all ages.
At Delicate Dental Arts, we only use the most biocompatible materials that will last and be natural for you and your body. We understand that your mouth is a gateway to the rest of your body. Research has shown the links between oral bacteria and Alzheimer’s, that bacteria in the mouth travels to the heart, and gum disease increases clogged arteries. That’s why we take your blood pressure and take a comprehensive look at your medical history.
Dr. Nguyen takes the time and extra steps in using biomimetic techniques and materials for her patients. Biomimetic dentistry will make the tooth and filling stronger, and decrease the chance of sensitivity. This in turn will decrease the likelihood of needing any root canals.
Are you ready for a new, enjoyable experience at the dentist’s office? The Delicate Dental Arts team will give you a sensational, healthy smile – and a reason to show it off. Dr. Nancy Nguyen is committed to delivering personalized service and gentle, quality dental care to patients of all ages. Because your time is invaluable and irreplaceable, Dr. Nguyen will reserve an appointment solely for you. She’ll take time to talk with you about your expectations, past experiences, and current problems. The time you spend with us will be enjoyable and productive, and that’s a promise.

After a thorough discussion and comprehensive checkup, Dr. Nguyen will present you with all the information you’ll need to make informed decisions about general and preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. At Delicate Dental Arts, we offer contemporary solutions for replacing missing teeth, and your whole-mouth health is our primary focus. If you feel anxious or fearful, ask Dr. Nguyen about sedation dentistry for a mentally and physically rewarding dental visit.

Take a few moments to explore our website. Here you’ll find information about Dr. Nguyen and our philosophy for dental care. You can also learn about our services and technology, read testimonials, and prepare for your initial visit by completing new patient forms ahead of time.

Services Provided


General & Preventive Dentistry
Just like the foundation of your home needs to be strong and in good repair, the health of your gums, jawbone, and teeth must be good if you want your teeth to last a lifetime. Read more…

Cosmetic Dentistry
As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nguyen offers many options for improving your smile. We invite you to schedule a complimentary, 15-minute consultation to discuss which cosmetic dentistry treatments will accomplish your goals.
Read more…

Restorative Dentistry
A toothache can stop you in your tracks! Don’t wait until you experience pain to start taking care of your oral health. Your regular checkups and cleanings will allow the Delicate Dental Arts team to correct problems Read more…


Replacement Teeth
If you’re one of the nearly 70% of adults who have lost at least one tooth, or if you number in the 50 million Americans who have lost all of their teeth, Dr. Nguyen wants to improve your quality of life through modern prosthetic dentistry. Read more…

Sedation Dentistry
Patients who have mild to moderate mental of physical discomfort, as well as those who need many procedures performed as quickly as possible, benefit from oral sedation. Read more…

State-of-the-Art Technology
To provide the most comfortable and clinically excellent dental care, Dr. Nguyen uses new technology for diagnostics and patient education. Digital images and wax models allow us to show you what your dental work could potentially look like once complete. Read more…

Your Personal Invitation

For a warm welcome, excellent clinical care, and all the benefits of contemporary dental technology, call Dr. Nancy Nguyen in Encinitas today. Our team serves families from Carlsbad, Solana Beach, San Marcos, and Rancho Santa Fe with dental care that has true value. We will cater to your comfort and personalize treatment so that you enjoy visiting the dentist! At every visit, want to see you smile.


Exciting News - We are moving our office to the Carlsbad Forum this fall Sept/Oct 2016 -- more details to come!