Replacement Teeth

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Missing teeth make life more challenging in many ways. You might have trouble enjoying your favorite foods, which can affect your health and nutrition, or you might feel so self-conscious that you don’t want to smile, which can create a stand-offish first impression, impacting you both socially and professionally.

If you’re one of the nearly 70% of adults who have lost at least one tooth or the 50 million Americans who have lost all their teeth, Dr. Nguyen wants to improve your quality of life through modern prosthetic dentistry.

Come in for a consultation, and she’ll review your x-rays and records. It’s important that you decide on an option that fits your needs, so she’ll discuss your goals and lifestyle, then present you with options for replacing your missing teeth.

Traditional Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials have come a long way in both fit and function. They look far more natural than in the past, and most people won’t realize that your teeth were crafted in a lab!

When creating dentures, we carefully choose the shape and shade of the teeth and gums so that they complement your skin tone, gender, and features for a lifelike appearance. We also include the subtle variation that occurs in nature to avoid the “overly perfect” and unnatural appearance often associated with dentures.

Dental Bridges

Unlike dentures, bridges are fixed in place. Using crowns that have been bonded to the adjacent teeth, a special type of crown, known as a pontic, is suspended in place to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth.

Bridges will effectively complete your smile and prevent other teeth from shifting position. Dr. Nguyen will also carefully design your bridge so that it blends in well with your existing dentistry and looks natural.

We want people to appreciate your friendly smile, not your dental work!

Dental Implants

While traditional dentures, partials, and bridges have long been the standard for teeth replacement, modern, high-tech dental implants present a more lifelike and lasting alternative. Implants are versatile, and we can use individual implants and crowns to replace one or more missing teeth, or we can strategically place implants to replace multiple teeth using a prosthetic like a bridge or even a partial or complete denture.

Learn More about Modern Tooth Replacement

We’ve come a long way in our tooth replacement technology. The uncomfortable, blocky dentures and prosthetics of the past are long gone!

Flexible partials, such as Valplast, and other modern dental materials have revolutionized the comfort and fit of dental prosthetics.

Let Dr. Nguyen help you determine which replacement solution is ideal for your unique situation. Soon, you’ll be able to eat whatever you want, smile with confidence, and enjoy life to the fullest with your new smile.

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