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A toothache can ruin your entire day. The good news is that most dental emergencies can actually be prevented with routine cleanings and check-ups.

Many common conditions don’t cause noticeable symptoms it progresses to a serious ailment. Teeth are the same way. Don’t wait until you experience pain to start taking care of your oral health. Your regular check-ups and cleanings will allow the Delicate Dental Arts team to correct problems before they cause you pain.

Preventing Problems Before They Become Dental Health Issues

At Delicate Dental Arts, we follow a conservative, preventive dental care model. While we can perform advanced treatments to restore dental health, it’s much easier to prevent problems or treat them as early as possible, when treatment is likely to be less invasive.

Beyond your home care routine and semi-annual checkups, you must follow through with your dental treatment plan to keep small issues, like cavities and tooth fractures, from growing into major dental problems.

Functional Esthetics

Dr. Nguyen subscribes to the philosophy of functional esthetics. This means that she’ll restore your oral health so your entire mouth functions comfortably and effectively and your smile looks beautiful.

Thanks to porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays, and tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Nguyen does not usually need to use metal materials for restorations. This means that you can keep an all-white, natural looking smile even after dental work.

While cosmetic dentistry is often thought of as a specific set of treatments designed to improve the appearance of an otherwise healthy smile, the truth is that all dentistry can be – and should be – cosmetic! We see no reason to restore teeth with unattractive materials that affect your appearance and self-confidence when there are so many natural-looking options are available.

Dental technology has come a long way, which means that at Delicate Dental Arts, we can offer comfortable, efficient, effective treatments that feel good and look good.

A Healthy Smile for a Healthy Body

Science has recently learned that there is a strong connection between the health of your smile and your overall health. Dental conditions, such as gum disease, have been linked to serious health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, respiratory disease, and more.

Your dentist is a part of your overall health care team, and we view you as so much more than a set of teeth. You are a unique, whole individual, and we treat you that way.

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